Harmoniemusik Ensembles of North America

We are pleased to introduce harmoniemusik ensembles who perform on either modern or historical instruments and who adhere to the tenets of historically-informed performance practices.


Grand Harmonie, a professional, Boston-based, period-instrument harmoniemusik ensemble
photo credit: Hannah Shields


Bläser Band, a professional, New York City-based, period-instrument harmoniemusik ensemble


Orchestra 19, a professional, Cleveland-based orchestra-harmoniemusik ensemble
celebrating & exploring the instruments and music of the 19th century;
Matt Salvaggio, Conductor; J.c. Sherman, General Director

members of Orchestra 19's brass section


Eastman Harmonie, a modern instrument ensemble,
Eastman School of Music
photo credit: Kaila Delany

Lehigh University's York Band, directed by Professor David Diggs,
a modern instrument ensemble specializing in British harmoniemusik from the late 18th century.


Ventus Harmoniemusik of Charlotte, NC, a modern instrument ensemble,
Dorian Neuendorf, conductor